Road Rage

Here's What Happens When You Drive Like A Fool And Point Guns At People

Florida Mercedes driver gets schooled himself.

Itseems like a pretty good idea to go out for a ride in your Mercedes with ahandgun and an assault rifle on board, doesn't it? Especially if you're thesort of person who tends to drive like a douche, nearly kill a mother and herchildren and then wave a gun in their faces. According to NBC – 2 News inFlorida, here's the Fort Myers mother's account of what went down when shenoticed the driver in the Merc driving dangerously: "I honked the horn...likewhat are you doing? He brake-checked us to the point where I had to slam on mybrakes."

But what happened next was incredible. One of the kids in the woman's car noticed that the man was waving a gun at the family. The woman passed theMercedes, trying to get away, and noticed the driver following her across acouple of lanes. Next, he produced an assault rifle: "I saw the scope andI thought 'Oh my God.' " Suddenly, though, the Mercedes stopped in the middle ofan intersection. Apparently, the driver had shot himself in the leg with hisown rifle. He was hopping around on one leg, bleeding and screaming. Soon, theman, who was identified as Alex, was being treated by pedestrians before beingtreated for his wounds at local hospital.

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