Here's What Happens When You Pour Washer Fluid Onto An Engine

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Yeah, see now that's disgusting.

Every now and then we hear about something like this happening, and the results are always hilarious. This case is no different (except for the car's owner). Carscoops first got wind of this Mini owner in Germany who, after noticing her car's windshield washer fluid was low, figured it'd be just fine to pour 5 liters of fluid directly onto the engine. You can imagine where it goes from here. It didn't take long for the woman to begin noticing plumes of blue smoke coming from her car's exhaust, and rightly drove it over to a mechanic.

The mechanic must have been shocked by what he saw. Upon opening the hood, there was a totally disgusting "thick, foamy sludge" all over and underneath the engine. Even the block and sump were covered in the "sludge." A French BMW Club somehow got a hold of photos of the woman's dumb mistake and naturally posted them to Facebook. As for the Mini itself, well, in its current state it's not drivable. She can either get a new engine or a new car entirely. We doubt insurance will cover this one.

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