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Here's What Happens When You Slam An Aventador On 22-Inch Wheels


Tire rub much?

Most gearheads would probably agree that a Lamborghini Aventador is an amazing supercar that they would love to drive however way it comes. On the other hand, some might dare say that a stock Aventador is too tame for their preferences and demand something even more special. Supercar fans with such high standards may be hard to please, but we think this Lamborghini Aventador that underwent Vorsteiner’s V-Program will likely be able to do the trick.

This gorgeous white Lambo is kitted out with carbon fiber body pieces including a Zaragoza rear wing, front spoiler, and side skirts. The car is also slammed on matte black gunmetal ADV1 wheels. Now, when we say the supercar is slammed on these wheels we really mean it. The ADV1s measure 21 inches in the front and a ridiculous 22 inches in the rear. We’re not sure how this thing avoids tire rubs on bumpy roads, but the awesome look makes it totally worth the risk in our opinion. Thoughts?

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