Here's What It Looks Like When A Brake Rotor Explodes In Slow Motion

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Please do not try this at home.

Everyone knows that brakes get hot under excessive use. In extreme conditions the heat literally tears the rotors apart. That destruction usually isn't witnessed, though, as the action is covered by a wheel. It also usually happens too fast to create much of a show. YouTube's Hydraulic Press Channel decided to stop crushing turbos and destroy the brakes on a beater car, capturing the brake's finally fiery moments in glorious slow motion. A camera with thermal imaging provides a further look at how hot it has to get for the brakes to blow.

The video is a bit long but worth the watch all the way through. The crazy Finns who put it together struggle at first to blow the brake before figuring out that they were doing a one-tire burnout all through their failed first attempt.

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Watching this tiny disc brake split apart in slow motion is pretty incredible. It makes us want to see bigger and more badass brakes get destroyed. We know it'd be an expensive test but imagine how awesome it'd be to torture test all the different types of disc brakes in this way! If anyone has a pair of slotted or drilled rotors (which look cooler but are not all that great) and a car they'd like to sacrifice please let us know.

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