Here's What It's Like To Be Inside A 1,600-HP Viper Sliding Out Of Control

Oh, and it's also headed towards a crowd of spectators.

Drag racing should be easy, right? All you do is drive in a straight line, mash the accelerator and change gears. Oh, it’s a roll race? So do everything listed previously but from a rolling start. This video from the Texas Invitational’s rear wheel drive class proves that handling cars with insane horsepower requires insane skill. Andy McKee is the driver of this 1,600-horsepower twin-turbo Dodge Viper and a very lucky man. During a race he spun out on the track and quickly slid off of it and towards a crowd of spectators.

Luckily for McKee and the spectators, the Viper stopped just short and no one was hurt. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits, if a little shocked. Check out the video yourself to see what it’s like to be inside the cockpit in such a crazy situation.

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