Here's What It's Like To Learn How To Drift For The First Time

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Don't be afraid to fail they say. And you know what? They were right.

The way a person undertakes their first milestone experience into risky or risque territory says a lot about them. The Jeremy Clarkson types in this world are more apt to jump in head first and ask important questions later, but others, much like James May or this Mustang driver and aspiring member of the hoon club, plan out each leg of the trip meticulously. YouTuber Chris Fix even went as far as to test the differential to see if it would lock both wheels properly before undergoing his sideways jaunt around the track.

To make sure he properly remembered his experience, Chris Fix documented the whole thing for the world to see. And boy are we glad he did.

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While many Mustang drivers seem to hop in and attempt a drift with disastrous effects, the methodical manner in which Chris Fix goes about learning how to drift is admirable. It takes guts to be the newbie in any setting, but especially so in the competitive world of racing. Even the pros know that the amateurs who aren't afraid to look like fools deserve a hat tip, and Chris Fix ended up getting just that. After a full day of countless attempts, Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg decided to give Chris Fix a personal one-on-one drift education. With that kind of endorsement going on his drifting diploma, we'll be sure to see Chris Fix again, this time going sideways.

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