Here's What It's Like To Push A Lamborghini To The Repair Shop

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And to have it breakdown at an intersection.

YouTube's superspeedersRob, aka Rob Ferretti, always gives an awesome inside look at fast cars. From the Koenigsegg Agera R to a stable of Lamborghinis, there's almost no car Ferretti can't get his hands on. However, there's a downside to owning and driving supercars all the time. Like all cars, these high-powered models break down from time to time. When that happens, well let's just say pushing a Lamborghini sucks more than pushing a Toyota Camry. Luckily for us, Ferretti's camera is always at the ready.

This video is filled with nothing but Lamborghini breakdowns. Most of them would be pretty embarrassing in a normal car, such as breaking down in the middle of a busy intersection. Of course that embarrassment is magnified when you're behind the wheel of a wrapped Lambo. Driving a supercar is mostly fun and games, but sometimes it can be a slog.

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