Here's What John Cena Had To Say After Getting Sued By Ford

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He's "excited" to go to court?

Last week we learned that professional wrestler, actor, reality show star John Cena is being sued by Ford for selling his GT supercar in order to make a profit. Although Cena is a car enthusiast, he claims he sold the GT to cover other expenses. Remember, Ford didn't sell the limited-run GT to just anyone, and the selected few had to sign a contract agreeing they won't sell the car for at least two years after taking delivery. Cena did so anyway. So what does he have to say about the case?

Speaking to Univision, Cena began by stating "It's unfortunate that sometimes you get a disagreement and you have to have an impartial party figure it out. I feel one way, Ford feels another way. I'm a true enthusiast, I don't have any ill-will towards Ford." However, the WWE star seems to have no regrets about selling his Ford GT. "Instead of fighting like irresponsible big kids, we'll let the judge figure it out and I'll be happy with either way the situation goes. I'm extremely excited and interested about it, so we'll see what happens." Ford, understandably so, isn't happy with Cena, and not only because he violated the signed contract.

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He also made a nice profit from the sale, something Ford specifically wanted to avoid from happening. It didn't want investors buying the GT, but rather true enthusiasts who, at least initially, had no intention of selling and planned to enjoy the car. What we're wondering is why Cena is "excited" after being sued by Ford. Would anyone be "excited" when getting sued by one of the largest companies in the world? It may turn out for Cena that selling his GT was more trouble than any profit was worth.



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