Here's What Matt Farah Thinks Of The $75,000 Vanderhall Laguna

Is this three-wheeler really worth all that money?

Matt Farah has gotten behind the wheel of some pretty cool cars in his “One Take” YouTube series. However, the Vanderhall Laguna might be the strangest vehicle he’s ever piloted. We took a ride in the Laguna last year although we didn’t get a chance to hop behind the wheel. Farah did, though, and in his brief time with the Laguna he had a lot of thoughts on the $75,000 trike. Namely that it may cost too much and is too loud for the power it outputs. Oh, and he hates the fact that it’s front-wheel drive. But at least it looks cool!

The Laguna is certainly a unique vehicle and its design is certainly polarizing. Check out the video for yourself and let us know if you agree with Farah’s complaints.

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