Here's What One Of America's First M2 Owners Thinks Of BMW's Newest Sports Car


Is it really worth all the hype?

Deliveries of the BMW M2 have just started, which means we should soon start seeing owners posting videos and early reviews about their cars. Most of this action will probably take place on owners forums, but one early review has just come in from Reddit. User KingSpartan15 decided to share some information about his new M2 and as you'd expect the thread is filled with congratulations and questions. KingSpartan15 addressed the biggest question (how did you get the car?) in his original post.

He hopped on a dealership wait list nine months ago. That's a smart move as that wait list is apparently two-years-long now. He got the number one spot but had to make a pretty big concession. The car he was delivered was originally intended to be a dealership display model, meaning the dealership had optioned it. Luckily KingSpartan15 wasn't too upset about not getting to customize his M2, saying that the only thing he would change is the transmission (his has the seven-speed dual-clutch). Other than that it has all the bells and whistles, with KingSpartan15 giving it a 5/5 rating. As for how it is to drive, well the early review is that it "sounds god damn amazing" and "drives like an agile tank."

FYI, that second statement means it's nimble but feels like it's on rails. KingSpartan15 admits that the car hasn't been given a proper run around as it's still in the breaking-in period. As for the interior, well the owner is 6'1" and says that up front its good but in the back someone 6'0" would have issues. When it comes to the interior the leather is nice but not mind blowing ad the carbon fiber is on the less luxurious side but still looks sporty. Now all that info is awesome but is something you could have read in any old review. The big question is, how much did the car cost? KingSpartan15 says it was $57,500 which is amazing as its list price is $51,700. Head on over to Reddit to get the full scoop on the M2 from KingSpartan15. Photos by Alex Demas.

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