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Here’s What Porsche's GT Boss Thinks About An Electric 911 GT3 RS

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Hint: not very nice things.

Like many of its German peers, Porsche is in the midst of developing an army of electric cars that are set to be released within the next few years and help bump the world into the electric car age. While going electric previously meant offering mass-market commuter cars with decent electric range, the EV mania has spilled over into the performance car segment. BMW's M division and Mercedes' AMG wing have both already confirmed that electric models are on the horizon, and even the hypercar headlines are beginning to be dominated by all-electric hopefuls like the Rimac C_Two and Tesla Roadster.

But despite the decisions made by Porsche's above-mentioned peers, the company's racing division has zero interest in building EVs. At least that's what Autocar has learned after speaking to Porsche GT boss Andreas Preuninger.

His thoughts were summed up when he said that electrification is "not something we think about at the moment," which is a move Porsche GT may have telegraphed by sticking with a naturally-aspirated engine for the new 718 Cayman GT4 and Spyder. While Porsche is set to electrify its more mainstream models, including the 911, Preuninger's comments tell us that Stuttgart will do everything in its power to preserve the driving purity of the internal combustion engine.

"There are ideas to maybe look in that direction for the normal sports car line but not for the GT cars. If we would decide to make all the racing cars electrified overnight, then we would have a reason to look into that but, as always, it has to be a connection between the cars we use on the track to the cars we sell with a numberplate attached," Preuninger said.

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According to Preuninger, Porsche wants its GT cars to be similar to its race cars for two reasons. "Firstly, for homologation, but also we have to have the same DNA in the car and share the same platform, otherwise you lose credibility."

He added, "I think it's very correct and the right thing to concentrate on three pillars [across Porsche] – hybrid, complete electric and hardcore, typical sports car. Ferry Porsche once said the last car on earth would be a sports car and I'm absolutely sure he's right." Additionally, Preuninger knows that the GT division is responsible for Porsche's halo cars, the ones that exemplify the best the brand can possibly build, and that losing their ICE-powered souls would throw the entire brand's credibility into question.