Here's What Rimac Has To Say About Richard Hammond's Crash

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The company's founder points out some astounding crash-related facts.

Exactly a week ago we first told you about The Grand Tour co-host Richard Hammond's near deadly crash at Hemberg Hill in Switzerland while behind the wheel of an all-electric Rimac Concept One. Hammond managed to escape with a fractured knee only moments before the EV supercar went up in flames. He's currently recovering in a Swiss hospital. We also reported the FIA wants answers about why and how the crash happened. But what about Rimac itself? Does the Croatian company have any idea what went wrong?

Yes, and founder and owner Mate Rimac has written on Facebook, which was first reported by Vidiauto, some vital information that needs to be known. For starters, the Concept One was going fast, as Jeremy Clarkson already pointed out. Like 120 mph fast as it was going up the hill just prior to the crash.

Then, as Rimac clarified, it "flew 300 meters horizontally and tumbled from a 100 m height. After the first flight it fell on asphalt road 10 m below the place where the fire started. I am not able to tell at which speed it was driven, but I cannot believe what nonsense has been written by people who have no idea, or are blind, or just mischievous." Wow. Just wow. The fact the Concept One didn't immediately explode on impact is incredible. For a tumble like that, especially when landing on asphalt at that speed and velocity, it wouldn't be shocking for just about any other (non-electric) car to possibly ignite. Rimac may still be waiting to gather all of the accident data, but what can't be denied is the Concept One's safety.

Hammond at least had the time to get out with only a relatively minor injury. Salomondrin (see the video above) also shares Mate Rimac's belief and now he's more anxious than ever to buy a Concept One.

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