Here's What's New For The 2018 Chevrolet Corvette Lineup

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Aside from the upcoming ZR1.

It turns out Chevrolet has a few changes, or rather minor updates for the 2018 Corvette lineup in addition to the debut of the mighty ZR1. The Corvette Stingray and Z06 are both recipients of the changes, but their respective engines remain exactly the same. The Stingray receives an upgraded standard wheel package that sees standard 19-inchers up front and 20-inchers out back. There are also five new wheel choices and the Magnetic Ride Control adaptive suspension is now optional without having to pay for the Z51 performance package.


There's also an upgraded heads-up display, back up camera feed, and a number of new exterior and interior colors. The 2018 Z06 also benefits from these same trim and packaging changes. The optional Performance Data recorder now provides info for individual wheel speeds, suspension movements, intake air and ambient air temperatures, and yaw rate. There's also the previously announced Carbon 65 special edition (pictured here). These changes may not sound like much because, uh, they're not. But they are welcome, nonetheless. But perhaps the best part is the fact that Chevrolet is not significantly raising the 2018 Corvette's sticker price.

Both the Stingray and Z06's base prices are just $45 more than 2017, at $56,490 and $80,490, respectively. In the meantime, we're anxiously waiting for Chevrolet to reveal the ZR1's dirty secrets. Remember, it will be the last hurrah for the front-engined Corvette.

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