Here's What The World's Fastest Four Seat Supercar Is Like To Drive

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With a top speed of 209 mph, the Bentley Continental Supersports merges supercar speeds with Bentley comfort.

Despite its odd-sounding name, we actually like the Bentley Continental Supersports because, well, there's not much to not like about a 700 horsepower luxury grand tourer that holds the record of being the world's fastest four-seat supercar. Thanks to Kelly Blue Book's latest review, we can state that with confidence because the test crew seemed to have the time of their lives at the helm of both coupe and convertible versions of the car. Bentleys are usually known for being the most portly cars in their respective class.

Still, that doesn't mean they can't be fun, especially when endowed with a rear-biased all-wheel drive system that helps dole out all 750 lb-ft accordingly, ensuring sport-like handling on long curvaceous roads but maintaining Bentley comfort when cruising. It's not like the Supersports is shy about its performance either.

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Outside there's a revised body kit and the biggest giveaway, the large rear wing, helps keep the Bentley steady at its 209 mph top speed (205 mph for the convertible). All of that pretty bodywork alludes to the beautiful interior, and both interior and exterior are little more than drab covering up the MLB platform underneath. While some claim that Supersports buyers may feel ripped off once the Continental's replacement goes on sale, we'd wager that won't be the case as it's unlikely that the new Bentley will be as fast. Like any good car, the Bentley Continental Supersports raises the bar by, as presenter Zach Vlasuk mentions, "offering performance of a car less accommodating in a Bentley package."

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