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Here's What To Expect From BMW's Electric Onslaught

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Including more details about the i4 and iNext.

It seems like every major automaker has a strategy to offer X number of electric cars by X year. For BMW, it's 12 fully electric cars by the year 2025. So far, five of these electric cars have been announced, four of which are BMW models and one of which is a Mini, meaning there are still seven EV models on the horizon.

Speaking to Automotive News Europe, Robert Irlinger, head of the BMW i sub-brand, talked about how BMW had already made several changes to its electrification strategy and went into more details about what we can expect from BMW's upcoming electric onslaught.

For starters, Irlinger gave more clarification on what roles each of the upcoming electric BMW models would fulfill in the lineup. "With the iX3, we are going into the compact SUV segment. The i4 is a compact sedan with a coupe-like look. The iNext roughly has the dimensions of an X5. These are all volume segments we are entering since we believe demand for electric vehicles is growing, governments will support them and the infrastructure is expanding," Irlinger said.

Irlinger also opened up the possibility of electrifying every model in the BMW range. Speaking of BMW customers, Irlinger said "We changed our strategy because our customers want us to bring electrification across a broad range of our models. They simply want to see this offered in all cars currently available."

BMW has already secured the names i1 to i9 and ix1 to iX9, though Irlinger said this was only done as preparation for future models. "For the moment, we have announced the five EVs, and we don't have to decide this year what comes after 2025. We have time to thrash out the details," he said.

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Irlinger also gave some important details about the upcoming i4 and iNext. When asked about the inclusion of Level 3 Autonomy, Irlinger said "the i4 is sportier and stands for something different. It's a driver's car by design so the need for that kind of technology is lower. You won't find the same level of autonomy there as you will with the iNext." The i4 will feature some form of autonomy, "but we haven't decided whether it will be Level 2, 2-plus, 3 or 3-minus," he added.

So if you are one of the BMW purists who are worried about how electrification and autonomy will affect the Ultimate Driving Machines, the upcoming i4 should not disappoint.