Here's What To Look Out For At The Goodwood Revival 2016


The biggest vintage car event in the world has a lot going for it this year.

For quite a few people, the choice between the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Goodwood Revival is a hard one. The former undoubtedly has a terrific car/location combo that very few other events come close to matching; the latter with a unique atmosphere that embraces the romanticized brilliance of the post-war decades. As a result, many often decide to plump for one of the two in a given year - and, whilst 2016's Festival of Speed was truly spectacular, this week's Revival has an awful lot going for it as well.

For starters, the actual racing itself should be absolutely brilliant this year. On top of all the returning automotive and motorcycle events, an all-new-for-2016 'Kinrara Trophy' (a reference to one of the subsidiary titles held by Lord March) will be added to the September 9th schedule, allowing competitors to race their Ferrari 250s and Jaguar E-Types into the dusk hours. Furthermore, the Lavant Cup on September 10th will be open only to BMW-powered sports cars (as part of the firm's centenary celebrations), and the two-part St Mary's Cup will see owners and guest drivers racing wheel to wheel in identical Austin A35s. Though, with less than 90-hp on tap, don't expect these dinky little sedans to be setting any lap records around the Goodwood Circuit.

It's not just about the on-track action, though. Given the period setting, there's also a whole range of events and displays that celebrate this quirky period of history. These range from celebratory showcases, such as the 50th anniversary commemorations of the late Jack Brabham's F1 triumph in a car of his own design, to more novel fixtures like a vintage aircraft concours and Rolls-Royce's decision to set up a mock 1950s-era showroom that pays homage to Rolls-Royce dealerships. The world-famous HR Owen facility in Berkeley Square, London comes to our minds here. Needless to say, the 2016 Goodwood Revival has all the makings of being one of the best yet.

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