Here's What Would Happen If Your Car Salesman Actually Told The Truth

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Things aren't always as they seem.

One of the lowest hanging fruits in the world of comedy is the car salesman. Even though they're just working citizens trying to do their jobs, there are enough dealership horror stories out there to make anyone weary to shake hands and close a deal with a car salesman. As the thinking goes, if you're getting a good deal on a vehicle, then either the car is a lemon or the dealer is waiting for you to sign the papers before adding all sorts of pop-up fees.

It seems like that's the thinking that this John Doe car buyer is applying when trying to buy this rather nice looking BMW M5.

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The dealer can't seem to convince him, so he spits out the usual car salesman phrases like "these are friend rates" or, "you're practically stealing the car" and even, "I have a wife and family to feed, I can't go any lower." Yeah yeah, you get the picture. However, maybe we're not seeing the real story. To offer an alternate view onto the lives of car salesmen, the comedians from Third Leg Studios decide to pull off this hilarious skit involving a compassionate yet broke salesman and a buyer on the fence about a new M5. As it turns out, maybe your salesman really did have a wife and family to feed and we only see that when things take a turn for the worst. Think about that when hooning your new M5.

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