Here's When The BMW M2 Competition Will Go On Sale In America

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Not long to wait now.

It's no secret that BMW is currently prepping a more hardcore yet fully street legal version of its potent M2 coupe, the M2 Competition. Car and Driver had the patience to look deeper into a leaked internal Toyota document, first published earlier this month by, a site dedicated to the Toyota Supra. Now, that document gave away details regarding the upcoming reborn Supra, a joint platform project with BMW that will also bear the next Z4.

But Car and Driver looked beyond that by going through the entire 177-page document detailing product codes. Like we said, serious patience. And the work paid off. The M2 Competition was listed as having a 2018 arrival date in America. Furthermore, it will be rear-wheel-drive only and offered with either a six-speed manual or a seven-speed DCT transmission. It's all but official that the M2's N55 single turbo inline-six will remain. However, it will be more powerful. Expect somewhere in the neighborhood of 380 hp. A revised suspension, just like in the M3 and M4 Competition, will also be added.

Now, BMW is also developing an M2 CS and possibly a GTS. Both would ditch the M2's N55 for the M3/M4's twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six, tuned to around 400 hp. The GTS, if it happens, would pack the M4 GTS' 444 hp 3.0-liter. To summarize, the M2 Competition will launch in 2018 but timing of the M2 CS and GTS launches remain unclear.

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