Here's When You Can Expect A Porsche 911 Hybrid And EV


Not anytime soon.

To say that Porsche fans don't like change would be an understatement. Porsche understands that to a point-see the retro special edition 911-but also likes selling cars. That's why the Panamera, Cayenne and Macan exist, after all. All new 911s are going turbo, but that doesn't exactly mean a hybrid or a full-electric version are on the horizon. Australia's CarAdvice caught up with Thomas Wasserbach, Porsche's director of boxer engines, to chat about the future of the 911. Purists, this guy has your back.


On the subject of a hybrid 911, Wasserbach didn't seem too thrilled. He said Porsche was reviewing it, so there's that. "[We are] checking viability for the future to get hybridisation of 911. It's something we would look to do because in some cities you need it, so we have to look." Okay, that's a measured approach and one sure to make purists happy. But this stance isn't based on keeping the 911 "pure" or anything like that. It's more to do with logistics, specifically the weight of batteries. "The challenge is to get low weight, not too much weight in a sports car. Naturally we want high electric power but we don't want much batteries because of the high weight."

We already knew the 911 hybrid wouldn't make an appearance anytime soon and this interview further reinforces that. What we didn't know is that an all-electric 911 is apparently not on the table whatsoever, at least in Wasserbach's eyes. "We think a 911 needs a flat six engine, this [full electric variant] we do not see it at the moment. " Boom, score one for the purists.

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