Here's Where The Honda Crosstour Is Planning Its Comeback


Honda once again proves that what is dead may never die.

The Crosstour was recently killed off by Honda, which makes the recently unveiled Concept D a bit hard to explain. The concept appeared at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show and is said to be a preview of the automaker's new flagship SUV in China. Now the Concept D isn't an exact replica of the much maligned Crosstour. The body is beefier and looks much more aggressive. The massive front and rear vents and 21-inch wheels are also a nice touch. One curious thing is the apparent lack of a grille.


A lack of a grille could signal that Honda is planning an electric option for its new EV. Or it could be just a design feature on a concept car. The latter is probably true, but Honda is likely to offer whatever the Concept D becomes with at least one eco-friendly option. Would you have bought a Crosstour if it looked like this? Or would you rather forget that the CUV-ish thing ever existed?

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