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Here's Why A Chinese Hybrid Should Excite You


This is one Chinese car we'd like to see in America.

The 2015 Shanghai Auto Show was dominated by sedans with luxury second-row seats. Qoros' 2 SUV PHEV is quite tiny and is focused on urbanites, not businessmen. Let’s start with what’s wrong. For starters, its name is too damn long. Also, that front-end looks like something a video game designer would dream up. Oh, and it’s from China. There, now that we’ve identified what sucks the focus can be switched to what is awesome about this concept.

It checks in at about 13 feet, which is similar in length to the Mini Cooper. It’s also a plug-in hybrid, with a turbocharged engine powering the front wheels and electric motors powering the rear. There are four driving modes available: electric, hybrid, sport and all-wheel drive. No engine specs have been released. The great thing about the 2 SUV PHEV is that its main draw is not its “kissing cousin” design. A lot of Chinese automakers blatantly rip-off other companies. That plagiarism is the only reason the media talks about Chinese cars and is perhaps the only reason why consumers in China buy them. The design may not be entirely original, but the fact that a Chinese automaker made a hybrid CUV with all-wheel drive is.

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