Here's Why Alfa Romeo's Giulia Keeps Getting Delayed


It doesn't sound good.

Alfa Romeo was supposed to make a grand return to North America with the 4C sports car and the gorgeous Giulia sedan. However, the automaker keeps delaying its vehicles for some unknown reason. The latest report indicated that the automaker would release its refreshed product line-up by mid-2020, when the Giulia was supposed to be launched in the first half of 2016. According to a recent report from Automotive News, Alfa Romeo will have to re-engineer the Giulia because of poor crash test ratings.

The report reveals that the Giulia has subpar performance in FCA's internal front-, rear- and side-impact crash tests. Supplier sources told Automotive News Europe that the Giulia failed to pass the crash tests and will need extensive re-engineering, which has added about six months of time to the midsize sedan's development time. This has also put Maserati's product launch off of schedule as the brand's first SUV-the Levante-was supposed to debut in mid-2015. The Giulia may be better looking than the majority of cars on the road, but if it can't pass crash tests it will never come out.

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