Here's Why AMG Is Holding Off On Hybrids Until 2020


It's definitely not due to a lack of knowledge or tech...

Mercedes-Benz's AMG focuses purely on performance and we love it. It often ignores fuel economy, as seen in the biturbo V12 engines. It also glances over practicality, with wild models such as the gull-winged SLS AMG. All of this is changing soon, for better or worse. For the first time AMG will take fuel economy into serious consideration when developing new models. The catch is however, that they won't be "ready" until 2020, which is strange considering brands such as BMW and Ferrari have already begun working with hybrids.

Mercedes-Benz head of R&D, Thomas Webber, spoke to Autocar regarding holding off on any sort of hybrid setup until 2020. He explained, "We haven't done it so far, because right now the customer wouldn't buy it. AMG customers tell us they want the sportiest performance option available in any given sector of the performance market." Although the thought of a hybrid GT S may be worrisome, we are expecting AMG to do it right. What it will mean is a torque boost at zero RPM and even more horsepower to shrink 0-60 times. Oh, and better fuel economy. We trust AMG so much that we are hoping hybrid setups come even sooner as five years is way behind the curve.

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