Here's Why Driving A Supercar On Wet Roads Is Not The Best Idea

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Another one bites the dust.

Residents of Boca Raton, Florida are no strangers to seeing ridiculously expensive exotic cars roaming their local streets. In fact, Ferraris and Bentleys in Boca are arguably as common as Toyota Camry's and Honda Civics in other parts of the USA. What's also quite common in the South Florida city are frequent thunderstorms that can create slippery driving conditions for the luxury car driving commuters. The most recent victim of Boca Raton's wide wet roads is none other than a beautiful bright red Ferrari 458 Italia.

The supercar reportedly began to hydroplane before spinning out three times in the middle of the road and crashing in to a street light. The damage to the front end of the vehicle looks to be extensive, the side mirrors are missing and all of the airbags were deployed. Thankfully however, no injuries were reported and the supercar's engine appears to be perfectly intact.

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