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Here's Why European Bank Robbers Will Love The BMW i3


How hard could it be to rip one of these off?

If you are a bank robber, Poland’s Idea Bank is your new best friend. Idea Bank recently turned four BMW i3’s into mobile ATMs that accept deposits (the ability to withdraw cash is forthcoming). The idea is to help small business owners save time by cutting out time-consuming trips to the bank to make deposits. The i3s can be summoned using a smartphone app, either on-demand or at a pre-set time. The first Idea Bank i3 has already hit the streets of Warsaw.

Now an armored truck is tough to hijack, but a BM i3? It can’t be all that hard to box one of these small cars in and steal the cash inside. Hell, you could just hoist it onto a tow truck and call it a day. Here’s hoping Warsaw’s criminals aren’t so cunning.

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