Here's Why Fast And Furious Is The Stupidest Movie Franchise Ever

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But still committed as ever to booty.

Let's be honest here. Vin Diesel's Dominic Toretto is the man with the plan even if the plan is incredibly stupid. Repeated head trauma from smashing cars directly into other cars will do that. Now, and we mean absolutely no disrespect to the late Paul Walker, but the Fast and Furious franchise is, without question, made up of some of the stupidest movies ever made. Entertaining? Yes. Absolutely stupid? Also yes, and this hilarious Furious 7 mock trailer makes that perfectly clear.

Filled with brilliant one-liners such as "Dominic Toretto is so Italian he wore a tank top to his own wedding," you too will understand the sheer dumbness of it all. And really, what the hell is up with Vin Diesel's trademark mumble growl? OK, who's ready for some car puns?

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