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Here’s Why Lamborghini Won’t Use Turbos For Aventador Successor

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There's simply a far better alternative.

The recent reveal of the hardcore Lamborghini Aventador SVJ means one thing: the Aventador's life cycle will soon come to an end. But not to worry because Lamborghini is already hard at work developing its V12-powered successor. As we already learned, that so far unnamed car will retain a naturally aspirated V12 engine instead of adopting a turbocharged V12.

While Lamborghini could have easily built a turbo V12, it ultimately decided not to in favor of hybrid assist. How come? Motor Trend spoke to the firm's Chief Technical Officer, Maurizio Reggiani, last month at Monterey Car Week where he explained the benefits of electrification over turbos.

"The successor to the Aventador will be V12 naturally aspirated. We can add a hybrid or plug-in to respect all the rules of fuel consumption and emissions," he confirmed. "Maybe we have hybrid boost for turbo-like performance. When I have a tank of energy, I want to use what is best for homologation. Once you fulfill that requirement, the additional energy can be used for performance.

"We have the anima selector, for Strada, Sport, and Corsa driving modes. In Strada, we never use the (battery) energy as a boost (perhaps using hybrid power for EV-only operation in urban centers). In Sport, we use the electric power in the rear axle with electronic torque vectoring to have more control. And in Corsa, we send the electric boost to the wheel that can best transfer the torque at any speed."

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But what about the twin-turbo V8 Urus? It sounds like that engine tech is a one-off for Lamborghini. "If you want to move a car weighing 2.2 tons on every surface, even if it's gravel or sand, you need an engine that provides huge torque at 1,500 rpm. Only a turbo can provide this. The decision of using a turbo was based on the mission of the car. Supersports cars don't have this kind of mission," Reggiani said.

Without question, Lamborghini has taken a very logical and pragmatic approach to its Aventador successor powertrain in order to retain and exceed performance standards as well as continuing to meet emissions standards for years to come.