Here's Why Lexus Is The Best-Selling Luxury Brand In America


The facts speak for themselves.

Sales reports might be indicating that Mercedes and BMW are ahead of Lexus in the luxury vehicle segment, but the reality is quite the opposite. Because when it comes to US registrations of luxury vehicles in the first four months of the year, Lexus comes out on top. According to HIS Automotive, those numbers are 106,549 for Lexus, 103,581 for the BMW brand and 103,393 for Mercedes. Sales numbers for January through April show Mercedes with 107,344, BMW with 105,444, and Lexus with 103,056.

A combination of more affordable entry level models, like the Lexus NX and Mercedes CLA, and an economy on the mend has seen a rise in the demand for luxury vehicles, with the trio of carmakers successfully luring buyers away from mainstream brands. The reason for the discrepancy between sales and registrations is that vehicles can be reported sold immediately after being delivered to dealerships. Month-to-month differences are usually smoothed out over time.

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