Here's Why Luxury Pickup Trucks Will Become The Next Big Thing


Luxury SUVs are so yesterday.

While car companies around the world rush to fill the rapidly shrinking void of ultra-high luxury SUVs, automakers are having to re-remind themselves that even with a hundred or more years of collective innovation under their belts, there is still quite a lot of new ground to break when it comes to untapped niche markets. One idea? The luxury pickup truck. Don't laugh, it's not exactly a baseless gambit. Just look towards the Mercedes X-Class or the AMG G-Class 6x6 for examples of that.

Still not convinced? Well just keep in mind that even Ford, an automaker that certainly knows a thing or two about what customers want out of a truck, has just begun to build luxurious SuperDuty trucks for buyers that can afford to drop six figures on what is essentially a land-based tugboat. Still too pedestrian for you? Then maybe you're thinking at the same level as rendering artist Kleber Silva. The young designer hailing from São Paulo, Brazil loves to spend his time dreaming up automotive realities that have little chance of ever coming to fruition. Think the of a BMW X1-sized Jaguar SUV or a Land Rover sedan. Yeah, the bean counters aren't exactly jumping out of their seats here.

And neither will any member of Rolls-Royce's staff in this case. Even though the British luxury coach builder is nearly finished building its first SUV-like vehicle (it's an HSV, short for high-sided vehicle, not an SUV), utility is just about the last thing on its mind. Not too long ago Rolls didn't even bother to give its sedans horsepower ratings, referring to output only as "adequate." Until the apocalypse comes about forcing the world's one percent to sacrifice champagne hideaways or trunk-bound picnic sets for usable space in the bed of a Rolls-Royce (sounds weird already), don't get your hopes high for a Double R truck complete with suicide doors, a retractable Spirit of Ecstasy, and bookmatched wood on the interior. Still, at least we can dream.


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