Here's Why McLaren Isn't Greedy For Raising The Price Tag Of Its 650S Supercar


McLaren just did something few supercar companies do.

McLaren raised prices on its 650S coupe and spider for 2016, $4,000 and $4,275 respectively. That brings each car's total up to $223,600 (coupe) and $288,600 (convertible). So why is that good news? Well, each 2016 McLaren 650S now comes with $22,500 worth of carbon-fiber parts that used to be optional extras. Yes, 2016 650S models now get a carbon fiber front splitter, rear bumper, side skirts, mirror caps (!), air intakes and a sweet interior package made from the lightweight material.

Whether or not all this extra stuff really costs $22,500 is up for debate. Regardless, it's nice to see an automaker actually justifying a price bump with added performance features. Supercar companies can afford to arbitrarily raise prices because the folks who buy those cars don't really care to part with an extra $5,000 or more. That makes what McLaren just did pretty damn awesome. Everyone else, take notes.

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