Here's Why McLaren P1 GTR Owners Should Start Getting Excited

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If they weren't already.

McLaren announced its 2014 results last week and things are looking very good for the British carmaker. Profits are up and, as usual, will be used exclusively for investment in the next wave of new models and cutting edge automotive technology. So the future looks bright, and as we were told again at Goodwood, an SUV is not part of the plans. Looking at the McLaren stand at the Festival of Speed revealed just how far the road car division has come in just a few short years.

The latest member of the lineup and the first of the new Sports Series, the 570S is destined to be a massive hit for the marque, the 650S continues to be a strong seller and both the P1 and 675LT have sold out. Wayne Bruce, McLaren's Global Communications Director, also revealed the 50-unit run of the 650S Le Mans edition has almost come to an end, and that production of the P1 GTR has had to be pushed forward. The original plan was to begin the track car's production after the P1's had ended. But as almost 90 percent of P1 buyers are sending their cars through the firm's bespoke arm, McLaren Special Operations, and all 45 units of the P1 GTR will also be personalized, it was important to start production now.

Otherwise the cars wouldn't have been ready for the first owner's event, scheduled for October at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Bruce said that three P1 GTRs have already been built and one has already been delivered. So if you're name's down for one of these £1.98 m track-only hypercars, expect a call to come and get your new toy sooner rather than later.

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