Here's Why Mercedes Might Actually Build This AMG GT Shooting Brake

Shooting Brake

Reason #1: We’re not sure it’s possible to get enough of these Nurburgring-friendly family haulers.

Any sort of semi-desirable car usually suffers the same fate once its gorgeous lines and supple body panels are revealed to the world. First comes awe and shock, usually bundled into one emotional package, then, once the skeptics have made their case, the designer’s hard work is taken by the rendering artists where their imaginations dream up variants of the car we’re unlikely to see despite reserving healthy desire for them. This Mercedes-AMG GT Concept Shooting Brake is a perfect example of this.

Brought back from the depths of artist Aksyonov Nikita’s imagination using photo editing software, we’re fortunate enough to lay our eyes on this wagon variant of the Mercedes-AMG Concept. However, unlike some of his previous designs, which include the Dodge Demon police car (us speeders are actually happy it will be absent from reality) and a refreshed Porsche 918 Spyder styled using the Porsche Mission E Concept’s design cues, this car could actually make it to production. That speculation is based on three main truths, the first being the fact that the entire existence of the AMG GT Concept is owed to the success of the Porsche Panamera. The Tri-Star simply couldn’t stand to see Porsche sopping up so many sales in this segment.

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Once Mercedes laid eyes on the second generation Panamera, it knew it was game over for the CLS unless it fired back with something pretty Pretty as, say, the AMG GT Concept. Now that Porsche has the Panamera Sport Turismo wagon, a Mercedes-branded reply could only come in the form of a four-door AMG GT wagon. The second argument in favor of the AMG GT sedan spawning a wagon variant is the fact that the Mercedes E-Class, which will underpin the upcoming GT sedan, already comes in Estate flavor. A redesign using the AMG GT’s lines is all it would need to bring a wagon to life, no heavily modified platform (presumably) or additional tech needed.

Lastly, it may be hard for Mercedes to resist building an AMG GT Shooting Brake simply because the German automaker seems to have a hard time not bringing every draft that comes off its design table into production. Don’t hold your breath for an announcement anytime soon, but at the same time, don’t be surprised if this car actually comes to life, especially if the Panamera Sport Turismo proves to be a success.