Here's Why the Audi A8 Rice Cooker Isn't Racist


The Japanese enjoy a good April Fool's Day joke just like everyone else.

It may be a few years before we have the technology to create something as awesome as the Audi A8 Rice Cooker. This April Fool's Day prank, played on the Japanese public, features a built-in rice cooker with touchscreen control panel in the backseat. A classy wooden tray table pops out from the rear seats so that you'll have a place to eat. The food-friendly A8 comes with bowls and a serving spoon, because when you buy an Audi you shouldn't have to bring your own rice cooking accessories from home.

The A8 Rice Cooker, if it were real, would be powered by a 5.5-liter Gohan engine. Here's a free Japanese lesson for you: five (Go), 0.5 (Han) and Goahn (rice). Get it? Some people may see this April Fool's Day prank as racist, and to those people we say lighten up. But seriously, the Japanese apparently loved the gag. The Japan Times quoted a spokesman as saying that someone actually asked about getting an informational catalog on the car.

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