Here's Why The BMW X3 Is The 3 Series Of Crossovers


Yes, that's a total compliment.

BMW has set many benchmarks over the decades and it clearly has no intention of ending that trend. Examples include the iconic 3 Series, its many M models, and even its crossovers, specifically the X3. First launched back in 2003, the X3 came not long after the X5's debut and for many buyers the former was the more practical choice. Not only was it cheaper, the X3's compact size appealed to those who simply didn't need (or didn't want to spend extra) the X5's greater proportions.

Jump ahead to today and the compact crossover market is booming, especially for luxury ones. Point being is that the X3 is still very much the right vehicle for its time and place. It fits right in there. We recently spent some time with the 2017 X3 and, as expected, it impressed us immensely.

This is the second generation X3 that hit the market in 2010 and was refreshed in 2015. Despite its years, it's still fully competitive in every way. Our chief complaints? The design inside and out is getting a little long in the tooth. Oh, and it's expensive. Like $61,045 expensive. But all's forgiven because of that silky smooth 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six. Special thanks to Niello BMW-Sacramento for letting us film the car.

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