Here's Why The Ford F-150 Should Worry About The 2017 Nissan Titan

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It's not just because the bed is harder to ding.

With a truck lineup aged to the point that a nursing home was the next logical step for Nissan, the brand new Titan is a welcome addition to the family. The automaker is currently trying to put a fresh face on all of its trucks and SUVs to accomplish the two-pronged goal of scooping up large vehicle sales during this uptick in tide and give a much needed refresh to its entire lineup. We were lucky enough to get invited to Carmel-By-The-Sea, California to review the Titan.

We still think Nissan would have been better off refreshing its Frontier first, but it did a great job with the Titan so we'll take it for now.

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The obvious target for the Titan was the Ford F-150, and with Fred Diaz, the ex boss of Ram trucks, at the helm, things were sure to get interesting. What Diaz accomplished was a push to sales tactics intended at stealing away first time truck buyers. To give the Titan an image of durability, Nissan beefed up the differentials and brakes, components that its own engineers said were focal points for engaged buyers that like to take a peak under the truck. Then, it went ahead and pulled a move straight out of the Kia/Hyundai playbook by giving the Titan the best truck warranty in America. Is this enough to spur a sales frenzy? We'll let the sales tell the tale. Video shot and edited by Nathan Filbrandt.

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