Here's Why The Lancia Stratos Might Be The Most Glorious Car Of All Time

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Forty years after its final rally victory it is still absolutely breathtaking.

The Lancia Stratos may be on our list of top 10 greatest cars of all time. It was built for the World Rally Championship and less than 500 units were made for road use. Weight was slightly over 2,000 pounds and the exhaust note was one of the greatest ever, this thanks to a Ferrari-sourced 2.4-liter V6 from the Dino which made 280 horsepower. The Stratos was such a good competitor that it won the World Rally Championship in 1974, '75, and '76. Forty years after its last championship the asking price for the car is still very high.

Given that the Lancia Stratos is so rare and valuable, it is uncommon to see one blasting down a mountain road. That is why this video featuring former F1 driver Erik Comas is such a delight. Comas grew up loving the Stratos, and entered the Rally Legend to keep its legend going.

Not many people are willing to risk driving this type of car to the limits, owing to its rarity and value. There have been a few attempts to make a modern version, but even these were produced in incredibly low volumes. The video is top-notch and reminds us of how great the Stratos has always been.

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