Here's Why The Tesla Model 3 Will Appear Later Than Expected

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Seems that the EV's mid-2017 launch date might be delayed.

If you head to Tesla's website and click on the Model 3 tab, there's a bunch of info available. The site tells us the Model 3 will "combine real world range, performance, safety and spaciousness into a premium sedan that only Tesla can build." It also says the Model 3 will be it's most affordable car to date and will be able to cover 215 miles per charge, hit 60 mph in less than 6 seconds and have space for 5 adults. It will also be designed to achieve a 5-Star safety rating, have built-in autopilot hardware and feature the fast supercharging functionality.


The site goes on to say the Model 3 is set to be retailed for a much more affordable $35,000 with production starting mid-2017 and actual delivery a year later. This is odd, because we found out that the Model 3's design isn't quite finalized yet, and the site wasn't amended with this information. Electrek reports that Adam Jonas, a Morgan Stanley analyst assigned to cover Tesla and a man known to be a supporter of the brand, says different. He now says the Model 3 will most likely be debuted as much as a year later than expected; "We continue to forecast a Model 3 launch at the very end of 2018 (more than 1 year later than company target) with 60k units in 2019 and 130k units in 2020." Notice what he says about the amount of units.

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Big boss man at Tesla, Elon Musk, has been saying the Model 3 will be a huge seller and estimated, or maybe wished, the car would see production numbers as high as a whopping 400,000 units produced in 2018. Jonas says 60,000. That's a large number of people set to be disappointed. So all in all he's forecasting the car to be over a year late and in much smaller numbers that what Musk says. Musk doesn't seem like the kind of man who will accept this, so if that is the case we can just imagine the man putting systems in place to have his teams working plenty hours of overtime to get things back on schedule, assuming Jonas is on the money.

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