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Here's Why This Wrecked 1995 Ferrari 456 Is A Great Buy

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Remember, it's what underneath that counts.

If you wanted to buy a brand new Ferrari with a gated six-speed manual than forget it. That Ferrari doesn't exist anymore. You'll have to shop for it on the used market instead and as we well know, used Ferraris are not exactly cheap. So when a cheap used Ferrari does hit the market, you know it's going to come with some problems.

But this 1995 Ferrari 456 up for sale on eBay has three things going for it, not including its $22,500 'Buy it Now' price.

Yes, it's clearly damaged. Badly. Its body has definitely seen better days - the seller claims it was rear-ended and suffered a light rollover as a result. The repair bill will doubtless make for scary reading.

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While the hood suffered "minor" damage, the chassis is said to be straight and, overall, the car is mechanically sound. The trunk, as you can clearly tell, is nothing but scrap metal. Underneath the damage, as the posting says, are three treasures: its naturally aspirated 5.5-liter V12 with 442 hp, that gated six-speed manual, and the differential.

All are ready for transplant into the vehicle of your choice. The interior also looks to be in generally good condition aside from some expected wear and tear. The car is 23 years old, after all.

Still not convinced this 456 is all good mechanically? The seller prepared for that doubt by creating this demonstration video showing the car doing some donuts. Skip to the 2:40 mark when the walk around begins. The seller also offered up a good idea regarding one possible fix: take the body of a vintage front-engined Ferrari missing its drivetrain and perform some fabrication magic. The result could be something very special indeed.