Here's Why Using A Mazda MX-5 Miata As A Snow Plow Is A Terrible Idea

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On the other hand, at least the Mazda is still doing its duty as a fun car.

There's a reason why your local snow plow is a massive hulking heavy machine and not a lightweight rear-wheel drive roadster that's a bit lacking in the horsepower department. For one, it's because to move a lot of weight, you must have a lot of weight. It's why Arnold Schwarzenegger weighed about 250 pounds when he was Terminator material, helping him take care of any iron in the gym with relative ease. He may have even been capable of moving a Mazda Miata at some point.

A Mazda Miata, however, does not seem to be too capable of moving piles of snow. It's designed as a fun car and doesn't serve much purpose aside from that, so when YouTuber superspeedersRob attaches a snowplow that's raised and lowered by a winch to the front end of his turquoise Miata, hilarity ensues.

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To be fair, at least this Mazda is still being used for fun. Modified with a large exhaust emitting an exhaust note that qualifies it as a "fart cannon," superspeedersRob attempts to clear his driveway after getting a foot of snow. The Miata isn't stock either thanks to custom wheels, likely engine modifications, and some extra weight at the rear end to help the tire chains dig down into the snow and deliver traction. The only problem is that Rob managed to underestimate how tight the chains needed to be around the custom wheels in order to get things up and running. To make matters worse, he has no snow tires to fall back on for when things go wrong. At least he tried in the face of adversity.

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