Here's Why White Is The World's Most Polarizing Car Color


White might be the best judge of whether a car is actually nice or not.

We have written a lot about the best car colors offered by manufacturers like Lamborghini and Audi, and we almost never include white. Our logic is that we are trying to pick more unique colors, but that doesn't mean we don't like white. Certain cars, like Range Rovers, look amazing when painted white. However, white is a very polarizing shade. Some people love white cars, while others would never buy a car in such a "bland" color. Some expensive cars look great in white while others just look like crap. Why is that?

Expensive supercars like the hybrid McLaren P1 and the Ford GT look amazing with white paint. We assume it has to do with the quality of the paint these companies use, but there is just some other (and unexplainable) reason why these cars look so good. On the other end of the scale, cheap economy cars like the Kia Rio and Chevy Aveo are absolutely awful in white. The paint on these cars is usually a lot more dull than the paint on white supercars. On these cheaper cars white makes them look like rentals. However, celebrities like Floyd Mayweather still love to buy white cars. We are torn on white cars, and have boiled the problem down to a simple theory.

It all comes down the quality of the car, not the color. Cheap cars, like the ones pictured above, should never be painted white. Exotic cars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris look great in white. Obviously cars that land in the middle (aka most cars) are the hardest to judge. We would say that most luxury cars like Jaguars and Cadillacs look good in white. However, some cars like the Toyota Camry just don't look good when painted that way. Here is a helpful hint: If your car comes with black or grey wheels, or nice looking LED running lights, white will look great. Basically, unless you're buying a stunning supercar then you shouldn't rely on white paint alone to make your car look good. Think of it like a complement to an already awesome design!

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