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Here's Why You Don't Go Chasing Supercars In A Truck

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720S brakes are better than a truck's. Who knew?

Modern supercars are reaching a level of performance that is beyond the limits of most of us mere mortals. Hence, why so many supercar owners wreck their cars, sometimes immediately after taking delivery. At some point, supercar owners can be tempted to test the limits of their cars on public streets, and the end results aren't always great. Since most modern supercars are made with carbon fiber, they are actually very safe in a crash. Likewise, these cars have incredible brakes, meaning they can stop quickly to avoid accidents.

Unfortunately, while supercars can stop on a dime, the vehicle following them may not be so capable. One McLaren 720S owner in Thailand learned this lesson the hard way. Dash camera footage shows a 720S speeding through traffic being chased by a Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series, which is not a slow car by any means. The third car in the convoy appears to be a Chevy truck, which ends up being a big problem for the McLaren owner.

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We aren't sure if the driver of the truck knows the McLaren and Mercedes owners, or if they were simply trying to keep up with the two performance cars. The convoy eventually reaches a line of standing traffic, and the McLaren is easily able to stop in time using its massive brakes. The truck isn't so lucky and ends up tapping the bumper of the stopped McLaren. This 720S is one of just three in the country, priced here at almost $1 million, so it is sad to see it damaged. Fortunately, the damage was minimal and the driver now knows not to chase supercars in a truck.