Here's Why You Need To Show The Mercedes SLS AMG Some Love

The AMG GT has some big shoes to fill.

It may have been put out to pasture, but the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG remains one of the greatest Silver Stars ever made. The AMG GT has every chance of becoming a legend in its own right, especially when the hotter Black Series arrives, but for now the gullwing-doored supercar is the hottest Benz there is. And thanks to Prior Design, owners have the chance to give their rides a new widebody kit.

The PD900GT aero package includes a new bumper with bigger air intakes, a new splitter, new side skirts and flared wheel arches, a fat rear wing, and a new rear bumper and diffuser combo. Other mods include new alloys, KW coilovers and a bespoke exhaust.

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