Here's Your Chance To Ask Christian von Koenigsegg Anything You Want

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For real. He'll answer (mostly) everything.

He founded one of the most innovative and daring car companies in recent history at the age of only 22 with the goal of building the perfect sports car. You could say he's done more than that. Christian von Koenigsegg, now 44, needs little to no introduction today, considering his world-class hypercars all bear his name. From the original CC to today's Agera R, One:1, and the Regera, Koenigsegg has become synonymous with the hypercar.

And now Christian von Koenigsegg is personally making himself available to everyone everywhere. You can now ask him anything you want via the official Koenigsegg website. The best 12-15 questions will be chosen based on criteria such as public interest and whether or not a particular topic can actually be discussed at the moment, meaning specifics about future models are still hush-hush. Von Koenigsegg's answers will be published on the website as quickly as they are written. Head over to to post.

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