Here's Your Chance To Own One Of Honda's Best Kept Secrets

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Honda made a rare S2000 model that you've probably never heard of.

The S2000 is easily one of the greatest cars that Honda ever produced. Unfortunately, Honda stopped building the S2000 after 2009 and we're still waiting to hear an announcement of a successor. A used S2000 is still relatively affordable, but low-mileage cars and rare editions like the Club Racing (CR) are becoming extremely collectible. We think the S2000 is a great investment car, and we have found one that may be the ultimate collector S2000 in the US. This is not a delivery mile car, but a special edition that you've probably never heard of.

Japan has a bad habit of keeping all of the coolest cars for itself. What we have here is a rare S2000 model called the Type V. The S2000 Type V was never sold outside of Japan and is one of Honda's best kept secrets. This car is extremely rare. It's estimated that only 350 were produced in mid-2000 for the 2001 model year. What made this S2000 different from any other was the introduction of an advanced variable gear ratio steering (VGS) system. The system was the first of its kind, and could change the steering ratio based on speed and steering angle to provide improved handling and response.

Honda changed the lock-to-lock steering ratio to 1.4 turns from 2.4, and fitted the Type V with new dampers, stabilizers and limited-slip differential to suit the VGS system. The Type V also wore a VSG badge on the trunk and had a unique steering wheel with silver trim and a VGS badge on the bottom. We found an S200 Type V for sale by Black Ops Performance, a JDM shop in Florida. The car only has 57,000 km on the odometer, which is around 35,000 miles. Even if this was a normal US-Spec S2000, a 35,000 mile AP1 S2000 would be great value for $25,000. This S2000 is extremely well priced, especially given how rare the car is.

The car is painted in Silverstone Metallic with a red leather interior, which is one of the best combinations (in our opinion). This particular car also has something that no US-Spec S2000 had: a factory navigation system. We doubt that the system will actually work properly in the US, but it's still something that sets the car apart. We've previously recommended buying an S2000 now before the prices go up even further, and this may be the most unique example that we have found in the US. The S2000 was legendary for its handling and steering feel, so it would be interesting to find out if the Type V is actually better than a normal S2000.

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