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Here's Your Chance To See What's Inside A Fire Truck

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It's way cooler than you thought. Trust us.

It's powered by a 12.8-liter six-cylinder diesel with 500 hp and 1,650 lb-ft of torque. There's a 65-gallon fuel tank mounted at the rear of the chassis. It has a seating capacity for five in the cabin and a ladder that extends to a nominal height of 100 feet above the ground. In case you somehow haven't figured this out, we're describing a fire truck. And thanks to the Palo Alto Fire Department in Stanford, California, we were given the exclusive opportunity to check out this Pierce 100' Arrow XT Tractor Drawn Aerial for our latest unboxing review.

This fire truck is also known as the "Tiller." A tiller is where the second driver (aka the tiller man) steers at the back, which we also got to see happen.

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Other cool features include a stabilizer system consisting of two hydraulically operated out and down style stabilizers, essentially vertical jack cylinders that are capable of 12-inch ground penetration, and the polished stainless steel front bumper features a couple of portable winch receivers, each one rated at 9,000 pounds. Join us and firefighter Matt Goglio as he explains many more of this fire truck's insanely cool features and accessories.