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Here's Your Last Chance To Get A $10,000 Discount On A BMW i3

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$10,000 off could make the i3 a worthwhile purchase.

The BMW i3 is an interesting car, but we wouldn't call it a massive success. While it was BMW's first truly affordable EV model, the i3 quickly became overshadowed by the more affordable, faster, and larger Tesla Model 3. Even though the base $35,000 model has been continually delayed, many people would rather wait for their Model 3 than buy the strange-looking i3. A base i3 currently starts at around $45,000, but according to InsideEVs, certain buyers can now score a massive $10,000 discount off the purchase of a new one, at least for now.

BMW has partnered with Southern California Edison, an electricity provider, to provide a $10,000 discount on any new i3 purchase. The deal applies to all SCE customers and employees, and has now expanded to more electricity providers in other states. If you get your electricity from PSEG in New Jersey and Long Island, JCP&L in New Jersey, Potomac Edison in Maryland, National Grid in New York, Atlantic City Electric in New Jersey, BGE in Baltimore, Maryland, Delmarva Power in Delaware and Maryland, Pepco in Maryland and Washington DC, BELD in Braintre, Massachusetts, SDG&E in San Diego, or SMUD in Sacremento, California, you are eligible for the discount.

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The offer is good until July 31, 2018, and is offered to all utility customers and their immediate family living in the same household. Customers only need to show their utility bill and proof of residence to claim the deal. With $10,000 off the $45,000 MSRP, the BMW i3 starts to become a more viable alternative to a base Tesla Model 3, especially since the base Model 3 still isn't available.