Here's Your Latest Clarkson, Hammond, And May Rumor That May Or Not Be True


Such a great conversation piece, don't you think?

Supposedly it's a done deal and all that's left to happen is to make an official announcement. Supposedly. According to, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have finalized an agreement with Netflix that would effectively bring their new car show to the US. Doing so would give the three the legal loophole needed in order to circumvent their contracts with former employer, the BBC.

The network made it clear the three couldn't appear on another English car show until 2017, two years after their Top Gear departure. But if they cross the pond to the US and base their new show from there, then the BBC can do nothing. Signing with Netflix would make their new show internet-based, but the popularity of streaming services is growing fast. The Week has also reported that during their recent live stadium show in Australia, the three were making fun of American accents. Clarkson then said to his co-hosts, "You're not in America." Hammond's reply: "Not yet." Could they have been simply joking around or is there some actual truth to that? Answers should be coming soon. Supposedly.

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