Here's Your List Of All The Cool People Who Got Ford GTs


Yes, we are very, very jealous.

Ford's multi-million dollar plan to bring back the legendary Ford GT to both showrooms and race tracks appears to be paying off and in a big way. The company only plans to produce a total of 250 road cars per year (just enough for race car homologation, funny how that worked out) and all of the allocation is already sold out. For the total of 500 cars that are to be built over 7,000 people applied for the opportunity to purchase a car. Lucky for us, Road and Track has put together a list of some of the "cooler" people who got chosen to purchase a car.

Ford's approach was to go through each application by hand and divvy out the allocation to those it deemed worthy. Applicants who would not drive their GT were ruled out as were those who would want to immediately sell it for a profit. Preference was given to those who would give the car the publicity it deserved. Things like fame, social media presence and other factors all went into Ford's decision as to who would get a car. Some of the notable people right off the bat include car enthusiast (and P1 owner) C.J. Wilson, Brooks from Dragtimes, Deadmau5 as well as Scottish singer and Top Gear guest Amy MacDonald. And, as you are all aware, Shmee150 will be adding a GT to his collection.

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Notables that were snubbed include YouTubers like Rob Ferretti of Super Speeders fame and famed car enthusiast Salomondrin. Some other notable collectors such as Jay Leno have remained quiet on the subject of whether or not Ford allowed them to order a car. Although we wouldn't be surprised if Jay gets a very early production numbered car. Is there anyone else you know of that got a Ford GT? Let us know in the comments below!