Here's Your Toyota Supra Fix For the Day


Hopefully these fan renderings will hold you over until the Geneva Motor Show next week.

Impatient for next week to come along with the reveal of the much-anticipated and long-awaited actual Toyota Supra, ultimate fans over at have trotted out another set of renders based on the most recent spy photos. Okay, maybe they got frustrated when they learned that next week we may not be seeing the production-spec Supra after all, but rather the GTE-class racing version.

If the official teaser posted on Toyota's Twitter account isn't enough to get you speculating, these renders by Supra93 do a great job of peeling away the camouflage and piecing together the details we've seen in leaked magazine spreads and detailed spy photos. Anything else you need to catch up on you can find in our in-depth look at all the Z4 and Supra information learned to date. Beyond the renders by Supra93, fellow forum users jumped in later in the thread with some photoshops of the renders in a fantastic selection of colors that borrow not only from some of Toyota's sports car lines but also some signature colors from other iconic sports cars.

Leaked specs have us believing that the Supra will sport a 3.0-liter turbo inline-six good for 335 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque, rear-wheel drive and fed through an eight-speed automatic. Acceleration to 62 mph is pegged at 3.8 seconds. The same leaked documents indicate that the dimensions are perhaps surprisingly close to the last Supra to see the light of day, about 172 inches in length with a 97-in. wheelbase, 73 in. wide, and 51 high, tipping the scales at 3,284 pounds. While that acceleration might very well turn out to be the best bang for your buck in its snack bracket, we are hoping it can capture the same balance and steering magic the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ demonstrate.

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