Here's How Long You Still Have To Buy A Kia Stinger

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If you want one, you best act quickly.

Following the news that the Kia Stinger will officially be culled, a company spokesperson has told CarBuzz when we can expect the lovable sports sedan to cease production. "We don't have production date information at this time, except to say that production will continue until 1,000 units are produced. Which will likely be sometime in March," said a representative for the Korean automaker.

Kia has designated the final 1,000 units as a special model called the Tribute Edition. This limited batch of vehicles can be distinguished by several unique features, such as 19-inch wheels, Brembo brake calipers, and side mirror caps finished in black. Only two colors - Moonscape and Ascot Green - will be made available.

Inside, the Tribute Edition receives classy Terracotta brown leather and carbon fiber-effect inlays.


We're yet to find out how many examples of the Tribute Edition will head over to America, but we're guessing they won't spend much time on dealership floors. The Stinger, first seen in 2018, injected excitement and exuberance into Kia, a brand that, until that point, was closely associated with reliability, common sense, and value for money.

Kia's first sports sedan showed the world that it could build a true BMW rival, and offer it to the buying public for considerably less, too. While many will mourn the loss of the Stinger, the Korean brand is convinced the 576-horsepower EV6 GT will fill the gap left by its ICE-powered compatriot.

Rumors that the electric performer would replace the Stinger first surfaced in April this year and were somewhat confirmed when Kia UK announced the EV6 would indeed replace the much-loved Stinger.


"As we enter a new age of mobility, Kia will satisfy the needs of customers who seek to enjoy elevated levels of dynamic driving pleasure through high-performance electrified models such as the EV6 GT," said Kia's Chang Sung Ryu.

At the time, Kia USA representatives noted that "Kia America has made no official announcement on the Stinger and ... can't comment on markets outside the US. It remains in our lineup of award-winning vehicles."

Sadly, that has quickly changed and those looking to snag one of the final Stinger Tribute Editions best get friendly with their local dealer. We're guessing die-hard Stinger enthusiasts will snap them up and keep them, much like we've seen with the final Chrysler 300C models.

We'll miss the Stinger once it's relegated to the automotive retirement village and will continue to admire the fine balance it struck between value and performance.


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